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Frequently Asked Questions

Does att offer unlimited hotspot?

Yes, there are options for unlimited hotspot, however unlimited doesn't mean unlimited. Most plans will reduce your speed once a set data limit is reached. H2O Wireless, a low cost carrier operating on the AT&T network, offers an unlimited data plan starting at around $45. Can a hotspot replace home internet? Only if you're a light data user.

How much does an ATT unlimited plan cost?

Their unlimited plans top out at $85/month (Unlimited Elite). If demand absolute top features in your unlimited data plan, AT&T's new Unlimited Elite ($85/month) is the obvious choice. It includes 30GB of mobile hotspot data, an extremely high 100GB data deprioritization threshold, HD streaming, and a free HBO subscription.

What is at T next plan?

The AT&T Next Up plan promises to make this dream a reality. What Is AT&T Next Up? AT&T Next Up lets you upgrade to the newest device, so long as you've paid off 50% of your current phone, for only five dollars more. Sounds a little too good to be true, right? Well, it really is as good as advertised.

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