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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up Army 365?

Army 365 by using their CAC and current email prefix but with as the ending. (For example [email protected]). Army 365: ... • Each user is required to back up their respective information from CVR/Teams and manually transfer to Army 365. Data will not automatically transfer. • Guests, to include industry, academia and ...

How to switch to Army 365?

The migration is a broad change that will impact all members of the ... The system will be dubbed “A365,” with added security layers. The Army purchased 200,000 fewer Microsoft Office 365 licenses than members of the Army, prompting fears that ...

How to activate Army 365 account?

full Army account, you can reactivate your account by locating the AKO username of your temporary sponsor and contact the AKO Help Desk. If your record appears in the Army personnel database,...

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