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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Argos have a database?

Here, we introduce FDA-ARGOS quality-controlled reference genomes as a public database for diagnostic purposes and demonstrate its utility on the example of two use cases. We provide quality control metrics for the FDA-ARGOS genomic database resource and outline the need for genome quality gap filling in the public domain.

Is Argos open on bank hoilday?

When is Argos open over the bank holiday? Most Argos stores open between 7am and 9am and close between 8pm and midnight. Stores will largely remain open over the bank holiday but with hours reduced to around 9am- 6pm on Monday. It is advisable to check your local store opening times before you set off.

Do Argos trade in?

Shoppers can now trade in their unwanted mobiles and tablets at Argos stores up and down the country in a first-of-its kind initiative. Depending on customer response, the scheme may be extended to include other electrical items such as cameras, laptops and sat-navs. Argos, in partnership with circular economy experts WRAP, has introduced the new service in all of its 788 UK stores.

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