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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an aquifer and an underground lake?

First things first, an aquifer is not an underground lake or river. There is not a huge chasm under your feet holding water that you could float a boat on. It is actually made of permeable rocks, sandstone and other porous materials. Water is easily able to move around in this drenched storage area.

What are the characteristics of an aquifer?

An aquifer is an underground layer of porous rocks or permeable rocks that store and retain groundwater levels in the soil. The underground aquifer is built with all types of porous or permeable rock materials, such as sand, gravel, or silt, making it a suitable water absorber.

What is the importance of an aquifer?

The main purpose of an aquifer is to supply clean drinking water. This is done by drilling into the aquifer and installing a well. A well is a hole in the ground from which water can be drawn. You might want to think of a well as a straw that sucks groundwater up to the surface.

What are the different types of aquifers?

Ans: Porous, Karst, and Fractured are three types of aquifers. Porous aquifers generally occur in sand and sandstone. The properties of porous aquifers differ depending on the depository sediments. In contrast, Karst aquifers occur in limestone, when the surface water containing carbonic acid seeps into the pores of limestone.

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