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Frequently Asked Questions

What is nature style aquascaping?

This form of aquascaping is also known as the nature style and it was first introduced by Takashi Amano in the late 20th century. It sets out to mimic natural landscapes within the aquarium using rocks or driftwood as the centerpiece. It very much resembles Japanese style gardens which aim to create a peaceful ecosystem.

What are the different types of aquascaping?

Aquascaping often uses rocks or stones as the focal point of the aquarium. There are numerous different types that can be used, and they can vary in price. The type of style you choose will depend on how you will layout rocks and stones within the aquarium. Iwagumi style mainly uses rocks as the only hardscape within the tank.

What is the best tank for aquascaping?

Betta tanks are a popular choice for aquascaping. If this is the tank for you then it can be arranged with a centerpiece of bog or driftwood. The substrate can be soil that can be planted with certain plant species like Anubias.

What are the best carpeting plants for aquariums?

Carpeting plants are planted into the substrate and in the correct conditions will form a lush green carpet along the bottom of the aquarium. The most commonly used carpeting plants include Dwarf Baby Tears, Dwarf Hairgrass, Marsilea minuta, Glossostigma elatinoides and Marsilea hirsute.

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