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Frequently Asked Questions

How many units are in AP US history?

APUSH is now also divided up into nine units, which each correspond to a specific time period. We'll quickly go over the historical thinking skills you’ll be using in each unit of the course below so you know what to look for as you dig into the AP US History notes, which are arranged chronologically by unit/time period.

What's new in the AP US history course?

The AP US History course has undergone a few revisions in recent years. First, in 2015, APUSH was revised to focus more on developing students' skills for understanding history rather than just memorizing concepts and dates. (That update was controversial; you can read a summary of the controversy here if you're interested.)

What is the purpose of the AP US history exam?

As native populations dwindled, Europeans turned to Africa as a new source of forced labor, giving rise to the early plantation system and widespread system of slavery in the Americas. Remember that the AP US History exam tests you on the depth of your knowledge, not just your ability to recall facts.

What are the new US history guidelines?

The US History guidelines were revised again in 2019 to refine the skills-based requirements that the College Board put in place a few years ago. We will briefly break down these new 2019-20 guidelines before getting into the chronology of US History and notes. Historical thinking skills (basically how you analyze what you learn)

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