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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an apple healthier than a pear?

Whether we like it or not, everyone accumulates fat. For women, it usually accumulates around the hips, resulting in a pear-shaped look. In men, fat tends to build up around the abdomen, creating an apple shape. As it turns out, it’s healthier to be a pear than an apple.

Is a pear related to an apple?

Pears are related to apples but the difference is not just the shape. When ripe pears are softer and usually sweet and aromatic. They are only very distantly related to bananas. Pears and apples are closely related, and both are as unrelated to bananas as a turnip.

Does Apple and onion taste the same?

It is frequently quoted that upwards of 80% of our taste is made up by smell. So if you plug your nose and cover your eyes, the taste between an apple and onion should be indistinguishable. All potato chip flavors taste the same. While plugging your boss can help with less taste.

Is a pear a type of Apple?

The outside is an apple, the inside is a pear. If we’re to operate under that logic, then this is in fact an ApplePear because you see the apple first and the pear second. But why? The ApplePear is a compound word.

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