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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the Apple Store open?

Apple Stores are generally open seven days a week. Their hours are anywhere between 10AM and 9PM Monday through Sunday. That said, there are a few times when the Apple store will be closed.

Where can you find the nearest Apple Store?

When you live near Rockaway, the closest Apple Store is located in the Rockaway Mall. You can find this store at the lower level of Rockaway, in the direction of the JCPenney anchor store. You can reach the store via phone at (973) 384-9220.

Where is the Apple Store in Fresno CA?

Address: 645 E. Shaw Avenue Fresno, CA 93710 (559) 244-3400. Get directions. The Apple Store is located in Fashion Fair shopping center, near the mall center, opposite Lids. Parking: NE side of the mall, near Urban Outfitters.

Where is the Apple Store located?

The Apple Store is located at 301 King Street in the downtown shopping district of Charleston, SC.

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