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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the currency in Samoa?

What currency is used in Samoa? The Samoa decimal currency is the Tala (dollar) and Sene (cent): 100 Sene = ST$1 (Tala). All major foreign currencies are exchangeable in Samoa. ATMs are located in and around Apia and on the island of Savai'i.

What is the population of Apia Samoa?

The Apia Urban Area (generally known as the City of Apia) has a population of 37,391 (2016 census). Its geographic boundaries extend roughly from Letogo village to the newer, industrialized region of Apia known as “Vaitele”. (From 1900 to 1919, Apia was the capital of German Samoa.)

What is the Samoan Tala?

The domestic currency in Samoa is the Samoan tala. What is the Samoan tala currency code and symbol? The three letter currency code for the Samoan tala is WST — symbol is WS$ . Which countries use the Samoan tala? It is the domestic currency in Samoa. Is the Samoan tala a closed currency? No, the Samoan tala is freely available and convertible.

What is the history of Apia?

Like every other settlement in the country, Apia Village has its own matai (leaders) and fa'alupega (genealogy and customary greetings) according to fa'a Samoa. The modern city of Apia was founded in the 1850s, and it has been the official capital of Samoa since 1959.

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