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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of an Año Viejo?

Every year, her uncle makes an año viejo of himself and attaches a note that sounds like a last will and testament. Instead of a somber undertone, he leaves funny and sarcastic notes to his family members. For example, one year he wrote….

What is the Fiesta de Año Viejo?

In Ecuador, la fiesta de Año Viejo (literally, “the old year festival”) is a long-standing tradition that symbolically incinerates the regrets, failures and anger of the past year to usher in the resolutions, hopes and expectations for the new year.

What is the history of años Viejo?

The history of Años Viejo is unclear, but my informant says that it may have been started because of a yellow fever epidemic that affected the country years ago and many bodies were burned as a result.

Why celebrate Año Viejo in Ecuador?

“Ecuador is a very relaxed country” and locals appear to reflect the stress-free atmosphere through the use of humor in Año Viejo celebrations. So let’s set the Año Viejo ablaze and welcome the new!

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