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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Predators of penguins?

Land predators of the various penguin species include lizards, skuas, snakes, other birds and ferrets. Water predators consist largely of killer whales, leopard seals and sharks. While penguins are now protected, humans have been known to hunt them illegally for their oil and eggs.

What animals hunt penguins?

Penguins have many natural enemies that prey upon them including birds, whales, mammals, and occasionally, fish. Predator birds that prey upon the young include Skuas, the Sheathbill and the Caracaras. Orcas (whales) commonly feed on penguins. Mammal predators are the Stoat, Seals and Sea Lions and people.

What do whales eat penguins?

Do whales eat penguins? Things that eat penguins include seals, sharks and other birds. Most species of whales are not known to prey on penguins. Killer whales, also called orcas, are an exception.

What eats Penguins in Antarctica?

Brush-tailed penguins, which includes chinstrap and gentoo penguins, eat Antarctic krill, glacial squid and silverfish. Little penguins, which include northern and little blue penguins, feed mainly on squid, fish and small sea animals, and they generally don't dive any deeper than six feet.

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