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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of animals eat penguins?

The marine mammals which feed on penguins include killer whales called orcas, shark, leopard seals, fur seals, and sea lions. The sharp-toothed mammals are mainly the threat in the marine life of penguins. Orcas: Orcas is a sharp-toothed whale species which come under the dolphin family.

Who preys on armadillos?

Because armadillos are quite smaller than other animals, they are the target of some predators. So, who preys on armadillos? 1. Coyotes One of the biggest predators of armadillos is coyotes. These animals belong to the dog family and eat almost everything, even pets and livestock; that’s why ranchers and farmers hate them.

Are leopard seals predators to penguins?

Seals as predators: The leopard seal is said to be the second biggest threat for penguins after the killer whales. The large leopard seal eats the penguins and other marine animals and fishes.

Do orcas eat penguins?

The orcas not only feed on penguins and other fishes but also, mammals such as seals, dolphins and baleen whales, which at times lie in the menu of these giants. The killer whales orcas cannot be preyed on by other animals in the ocean. Penguins stay as a small portion of the killer whales’ diet.

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