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Frequently Asked Questions

Do seals eat penguins?

Both seals and penguins are adorable animals to watch. But, in a study conducted in the past few years, there are actually seals that eat penguins. The types of seals that are said to be threats for penguins are sea lions, fur seals, and leopard seals. Leopard seals are considered as the second biggest type of seals.

Are leopard seals predators to penguins?

Seals as predators: The leopard seal is said to be the second biggest threat for penguins after the killer whales. The large leopard seal eats the penguins and other marine animals and fishes.

What predators feed on Penguins?

- Penguin Facts and Information What Predators Feed on Penguins? The main threats for penguins in water are leopard seals, fur seals, sea lions, sharks and killer whales.

What happened to the Penguins that were attacked by seals?

While all of these attacks resulted in penguin injury, in perhaps the most horrific case, the seal gave up copulating with the penguin after 826 anguishing minutes in order to kill and eat the poor creature. (Fur seals on the island sometimes eat penguins.) One of the attacks.

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