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Frequently Asked Questions

Does American Red Cross have a babysitting course?

The American Red Cross offers babysitting training in California and across the country. Developed under the guidance of, and reviewed by, the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, our babysitting courses deliver the latest information and techniques to help you become a capable and confident babysitter.

How do you become a certified babysitter?

How to Become a Certified Babysitter. To become a certified babysitter and qualify to work with little children while their parents are away will involve going through certain training and certification processes. This post provides a guide to help you achieve your goal of becoming a trusted babysitter.

What jobs are in the American Red Cross?

Types of Jobs Available at the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross hires workers for positions in the following job categories: Accounting/Finance. Administrative/Clerical. Audit & Compliance. Biomedical. Case Management. Communications & Media Relations.

What is a babysitting course?

The babysitting course includes an activity booklet, resume card, family information sheet, a resume template, a business card template, a family interview form, a contact and consent form for parents, a safety inspection checklist, and a self assessment guide.

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