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Frequently Asked Questions

What products contain AHA?

Now there is a wide range of AHA products such as, lactic acid from soured or buttered milk, molasses, yogurt, honey, or bilberries, tartaric acid from grapes, berries, currants, passion fruit, honeysuckle, and red wine, citric acid from citrus fruits of all types, malic acid from apples, and gluconic acid from corn.

What happened to AHA?

Unfortunately, towards the end of 2020, AHA beverages seemed to disappear from grocery store shelves. Apparently Coca-Cola is still producing them (because I'm seeing the flavors I'm not interested in), but they responded to my recent query by saying they have discontinued the black cherry + coffee variety (and the apple + ginger, which I never tried).

What is the plural of AHA?

The plural form of AHA is AHAs . Find more words! Unlike AHAs, which work at the surface level of the skin, BHAs can cut through sebum and oil, exfoliating inside the pores to prevent breakouts. The top product containing AHAs is Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque, pounds 20,...

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