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Frequently Asked Questions

What is actors access and how does it work?

Actors Access is an online membership site that allows actors to submit directly to casting breakdowns posted by casting directors. Breakdown Services which owns and operates Actors Access releases over 43,000 projects per year and has a database of over 1.1 million actors.

How do I create an Actors Access Account?

Let’s Go! You can create an account for free by going to and clicking the green “Create a Free Account” button. You’ll be able to upload 2 headshots as well as your first SlateShot (we will discuss this below in #7) for free.

Should you upload your resume on actors access?

– Jason Lockhart, Agent, Head of Film/TV at Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. It bears repeating that you should take the time to fill in the online version of your resume on Actors Access since this information shows up alongside every submission and is often much faster for casting to see than having to open an uploaded image of your resume.

How many photos should I have on my actors access profile?

*PRO TIP: Because Actors Access is a digital database no one needs physical photos, which means you should absolutely have multiple photos on the platform. Have a picture for the 7-10 types of characters you play well (and often get called in for).

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