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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an activities director do?

Activities directors plan programs and events that meet the needs of people with disabilities or senior citizens. They oversee a program's daily operation, which includes leading activities, explaining rules, enforcing safety measures and organizing the necessary equipment.

How do I become an activity director?

Federal law requires activities departments in the health care field to be overseen by qualified professionals. One way for you to meet this requirement is to earn an Activity Director Certified credential through the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals.

How do you develop an activities program?

Developing an activities program that is both sufficiently diverse and sensitive to our occupants' requirements. Purchasing or leasing supplies for all activities. Sourcing, training, and monitoring the work of Activities Assistants. Advertising events well in advance of their scheduled times.

How do I become an activities director at a nursing home?

Facilities such as nursing homes are regulated by the state, and you may need to complete a training program and meet other requirements before working with residents. In an assistant position, you develop leadership and therapy skills and gain necessary experience to become an activities director.

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