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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an activity director program?

Programs are to include activities for all functional levels (ambulatory, non-ambulatory, and bedridden residents), and the activities are to be planned for… More... The Activity Director plans and organizes activities that provide entertainment, exercise and relaxation to our residents. Senior Living: 2 years (Preferred).

What is the most confusing part of the activity director job?

Join in on the discussion about care plans, this is probably one the most confusing parts of the Activity Directors Job. This subject is searched for on the internet 5 to 1 compared to any other activity related subject.. So ask the hard questions..

Who is the 2006 ghca activity director of the year?

Chris was honored by receiving the 2006 GHCA Activity Director of the year. -- also visit "The Care Plan Assistant" on - 24hr Access to hundreds of CarePlans written and maintained by Chris and the ADN Staff. Federal Regulation F680 - Who is Qualified to be the Activity Director?

What is the developmental activities toolkit?

This toolkit provides guidance, tools and suggestions on how to go about designing developmental activities in the workplace. What is a Developmental Activity? Not all training and development takes place in a classroom.

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