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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an activity director do?

The Activity Director plans and organizes activities that provide entertainment, exercise and relaxation to our residents. Senior Living: 2 years (Preferred). More... Implement programs of individual and group activities based on residents’ needs.

What is the theme of this year's activity professionals day?

Honor the activity professionals at your nursing home, hospice or hospital for their efforts in improving and enriching the daily lives of your patients and residents. This year's theme is 'Every Smile Makes a Difference'.

How do I contact the attention activity director?

[email protected] Attention Activity Professionals - We are now seeking Live Speakers, CE Authors, Guest Speakers/Webinar Videos, Live Chat Guests for Our New Live Practicums. email us at [email protected] The APNCC AP-BC, AAP-BC, & AC-BC are certifications recognized under CMS F Tag 680 & 658.

What does a phenomenal activities director do?

A phenomenal activities director will use their work as a vessel to promote the enjoyment and tranquility that our space affords its occupants. Collaborating with staff and clinicians to understand the ways in which activities can promote healing and belonging.

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