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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of activated?

activated a state of being more than usually active. In biological systems this is usually brought about by chemical or electrical means. a simplified version of the activated partial thromboplastin time which measures the intrinsic clotting activity of the whole blood. See also activated coagulation time, clotting time.

What is another word for activated?

Another word for activated. Adjective. activated - rendered active; e.g. rendered radioactive or luminescent or photosensitive or conductive. activated - (of sewage) treated with aeration and bacteria to aid decomposition. activated, excited - (of e.g. a molecule) made reactive or more reactive.

How do you check if Windows is activated?

Click the Start button and click the settings gear. Click Update & Security. Click Activation from the left pane. Check if Windows is activated. Review the text to the right of "Activation" under the "Windows" header. If Windows is activated, something along the lines of "Windows is activated..." will be displayed.

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