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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the extended family live in the same home?

Extended family members usually live in the same residence where they pool resources and undertake familial responsibilities.

What is extended family and what are the advantages and?

An extended family is a fanily that consists of atleastt three generations.It consists of grandmother grandfather child/children mother father cousins aunts and uncles.Some advantages of an extended family is that it would help prevent the elderly ones from getting poor.The children would have more people to interact with.Also the grandparents ...

What are the problems in an extended family?

How to Deal With Extended Family Issues Family Feuds. One issue which often bedevils the extended family is family feuds. ... Conflict between demands of extended and nuclear families. Another problem that can gravely disturb the family is the disconcerting conflict between the demands of the extended family and those of ... Unexpected house guests. ... Intrusion into your marriage. ...

What are the characteristics of an extended family?

The extended family is the basic family group in many societies. Among its characteristics are exchange of information from experienced older members to less experienced younger ones, care of the older family members in the home by the younger ones, and care of younger members' children by older members.

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