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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PSE stand for in psychology?

Psychology Definition of PSE 1: An abbreviation for both Point of Subjective Equality or Present State Examination. Psychology Definition of POINT OF SUBJECTIVE EQUALITY (PSE): the value of a comparison stimulant which, for a rendered viewer, is equally plausible of being...

What's the difference between ASL, SEE and PSE?

ASL stands for American Sign Language, PSE stands for Pidgin Signed English and SEE stands for Signed Exact English. ASL is a distinct language with a different syntax and grammar than English.

What is PSE sign language?

PSE Sign Language — A Definition Sometimes referred to as Conceptually Accurate Signed English (CASE), PSE stands for Pidgin Signed English, and it can be thought of as a bridge language. It connects American Sign Language with Manually Coded English (MCE) by incorporating signs and syntax employed by both forms.

What does GFE PSE mean?

If you are new to Punting, you will regularly come across the terms ‘GFE’ and ‘PSE’. Whilst they are easily defined, the reality of what each provider means by their interpretation of these terms varies widely! A “GFE” stands for Girlfriend Experience, whereas a “PSE” means Porn Star Experience.

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