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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Florida 511 to track traffic?

Another useful tool on is traffic cameras. Select your county and a specific highway and you can see all the traffic cameras. Florida 511 also has estimated travel times for segments of highways.

Is there a Florida 511 app for Android?

FDOT designed the 511 web site to handle a large number of users. You can also download the Florida 511 app for Apple and Android devices to get access to the same information. What kind of information does 511 provide?

Will FDOT provide 511 during an emergency?

Yes. FDOT provides 511 to help Floridians get vital roadway information during an emergency: hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, high winds and others. Will I be able to connect to 511 during an emergency?

What is the 511 traveler information system?

Florida’s 511 Traveler Information System is one of the most effective ways drivers can keep informed about roadway conditions during severe weather, evacuations and emergencies. Can I use 511 during an emergency?

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