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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the South Carolina 511 app?

The South Carolina 511 mobile application provides real-time access to traffic and traveler information supplied by the South Carolina Department of Transportation (South Carolina DOT). Maps depict current traffic conditions, as well as incident and construction events that can impact traffic on all Interstate, U.S., and State Routes.

Does South Carolina have traffic cameras on Sullivan's Island?

The South Carolina Department of Transportation installed 2 traffic cameras in 2017 providing live video streaming of traffic flow conditions on both the Sullivan’s Island side of the Ben Sawyer Boulevard (Highway 703) and Mount Pleasant side of the Causeway.

How do I view the SCDOT 511 live feed?

This live feed can be viewed by visiting South Carolina Department of Transportation 511 Website or downloading the SCDOT 511 app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Where can I find traffic information in South Carolina?

View traffic cameras and get up to date traffic information with our 511 site. Our road conditions application shows construction, maintenance, and emergency conditions. SC has 19 Rest Areas and nine Welcome Centers throughout the state.

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