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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FDA 510k approval process for medical devices and IVD?

Following is an overview of the FDA 510k Approval Process for Medical Devices and IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics): Check that your medical device or IVD qualifies for the FDA 510 (k) Approval Process. Use the FDA classification database and search for medical devices similar to yours (predicate devices).

What is the difference between an IVD and non-IVD 510k submission?

The IVD 510k webinar gives you the basics of preparing a 510k submission for the FDA and explains key differences between an IVD and non-IVD 510k. Eighty percent of an IVD 510k submission is the same as a 510k submission for non-IVD medical devices.

What is a 510A 510(k)?

A 510(k) contains detailed technical, safety, and performance information about a medical device. The documentation must demonstrate the device in question is "substantially equivalent" to a predicate device (i.e. a product already cleared for sale in the US).

When are 510(k) submissions required?

510(k) submissions are required for most Class II (as well as some Class I and Class III) medical devices and IVDs.

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