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Is 50 Shades of grey the worst book ever?

Six years ago, a new writer by the name of E. L. James published her first book, Fifty Shades of Grey. The world was taken by storm because of the book's erotic content. In fact, the world managed to completely overlook the fact that Fifty Shades is easily one of the worst books published in American history. Strip away all the sex scenes, and you're left with an awful plot full of flat characters and awful writing.

How many books in 50 Shades of Gray series?

50 Shades of Grey is new, exciting, romantic, sexual, thrilling, suspenseful, and mysterious story all rolled into three entrancing novels, providing one of the most powerful and sedutive characters ever written. There are rumors flying of an up and coming movie trilogy to follow up these best seller books.

Why is 50 Shades of grey so popular?

why is 50 shades of grey so popular and why some other books aren't. There are two theories that can explain why 50 shades of grey, a book that revolves around sex, became so popular. 1) Repressed sexual desires: The first theory is the repressed sexual desires many women have. This book contains a lot of erotic content but its being sold under ...

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