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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join 3232bj NJ?

32BJ NJ played a key role in winning a $15 minimum wage for all workers in the state, and EWR workers are on track for a $19 minimum wage by 2023. The union has won passage of legislation such as paid sick leave laws, anti-wage theft protections, standard/prevailing wages and transit check benefits, to name a few.

What does the 32BJ Health Fund cover?

The 32BJ Health Fund covers the cost of our members’ co-pays at 5 Star Centers because their team based approach to care is proven to have positive results. Members who receive their care at a 5 Star Center have: Better health outcomes. Preventive care to help them stay healthy. Fewer emergency room and hospital visits.

How do I contact a 32BJ Doctor?

For additional information or questions about your benefits, call Member Services at: 800-551-3225. Use our search tool will help you find a 32BJ doctor, or search and find information for a specific doctor.

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