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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 2020 US presidential election map compare to 2016?

The map above shows the county level and vote share results of the 2020 US Presidential Election. The darker the blue the more a county went for Joe Biden and the darker the red the more the county went for Donald Trump. You can see how it compares to the 2016 map here.

What states are in the 2020 election?

House Blank Senate Governors County Other Territories Proportional Take All Split Maine Back Close State Legislature Upper Arizona 2020 Arkansas 2020 California 2020 Florida 2020 Idaho 2020 Iowa 2020 Minnesota 2020 New Jersey 2020 North Dakota 2020 Ohio 2020 Pennsylvania 2020 Texas 2020 Virginia 2020 Washington 2020 Lower

How do I set the popular vote on the usausa county map?

USA County Map Shortcuts F - Hold down to quickly fill in districts D - Hold down to fill/disable entire states Enable Popular Vote Settings Auto Margins Setting the popular vote will also set the color of a state Auto Popular Vote Clicking on a district will set the popular vote to max State Popular Vote

How does vote margin affect the color of counties in elections?

If the vote margin is small, the county will be colored light blue or red, whereas if a county strongly favors one candidate, it will be colored darker red or blue. This was my second attempt at using d3 to generate visualizations.

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