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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the latest video marketing trends?

Over the years, we’ve seen video marketing trends evolve from 30-second ads and viral videos to vlogs and live videos. Moreover, new technologies have paved the way for more engaging video formats such as 360-degree experiences, ephemeral videos, and shoppable videos.

What are the most popular YouTube Trending Topics in 2021?

Every year sees a new subsection of trending video topics. While creators filled the platform with pandemic-related videos in 2020, 2021 has seen more casual YouTube trending topics. The most popular are how-to videos, ASMR content, and immersive shopping experiences.

What are the most trending videos on YouTube?

A niche genre that has expanded to be one of the most popular YouTube trends, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos are some of the most surprising videos on our trending list. Fans of this genre report that ASMR videos produce relaxing sensory tingles that start in the scalp, known as “brain massages.”

Why do digital editors love the home video trend?

Instead, digital editors can see this trend as an interesting opportunity to plug into popular culture and play with emerging new media. Apps such as Adobe Premiere Clip and WeVideo can be used to make home videos or presentations.

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