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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of a 1990 Donruss baseball card?

10 Most Valuable 1990 Donruss Baseball Cards. 1990 Donruss #23 Juan Gonzalez Rookie Card. Estimated PSA 10 Value (Reverse Negative): $100. Estimated PSA 10 Value (Regular): $20. Check prices on: ... 1990 Donruss #665 Nolan Ryan King of Kings. 1990 Donruss #365 Ken Griffey Jr. 1990 Donruss #489 Sammy ...

How good was Don Donruss as a rookie in 1990?

He hit .170 in a cup of coffee with Expos in 1989, then just .241 as a rookie in 1990, after all. That latter mark was accompanied by 19 home runs and 21 stolen bases, though, enough to at least make collectors mark his 1990 Donruss rookie card as one to keep tabs on down the line.

Are these 1990 Donruss cards really on fire?

The fact that 1990 Donruss cards look like they’re actually on fire does little to change that fact. Neon Deion Sanders was the flashier, mouthier counterpart to Bo Jackson, part of a new generation of high-profile athletes who wanted to have it all – or at least two parts of “all.”

How much did Donruss jerseys cost in 1990?

$0.34 1990 Donruss #179 Luis Aquino $0.34 1990 Donruss #180 Frank Tanana $0.34 1990 Donruss #181 Tony Pena $0.34 1990 Donruss #182 Dan Gladden

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