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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the best camera in the early 80s?

The early 80s was the dawn of Program Auto-Exposure; the X-700 had the mode. Oh the artistry of the Nikon FA! This was the most advanced camera on the market in 1983. It’s known for being the first camera to offer multi-segmented light metering for better exposures.

Was the FA the worst camera of the 1980s?

Sure, the F3 is the BMW M1 of cameras and the F4’s got the design of a discarded Tetris piece, but the FA is the SLR that really embodies both the best and the worst of the decade. On one hand, the FA represented the best of the innovative spirit of the 1980s.

What happened to the camera industry in the 80s?

Like David Hasselhoff in a black Trans-Am on flat desert road, in the 80s, the pace of technological advancement in the camera industry really accelerated to top speed.

What was technology like in the 80s?

Now, all of these things are great, but let’s go back to my point about technology: cameras! The 80s were a peak time in photography. As the sun set on the 1970s, 35mm cameras were just starting to shift from predominantly mechanical devices into slightly more advanced machines.

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