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Frequently Asked Questions

What city/state is 708 area code?

Area code 708 was Illinois' first new area code since 309 was created in 1957 and the second new code for the state since the NANP went online in 1947. The Illinois side of the Chicago area-312/ 773 / 872 , 708, 847/224, 630/331 and portions of 815/779 -is one of the largest local calling areas in the United States; with few exceptions, no ...

Where is area code 708 located?

Area Code 708 Area Code 708 is in Illinois and covers 634.80 square miles. Area Code 708 contains 81 non-unique postal area zip codes.

Where is the 705 area code from?

Area code 705. The 705 area code belongs to the Ontario (ON) province of Canada and some of the locations covered are North Bay, Sudbury and more:

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