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Frequently Asked Questions

Are russet or Yukon Gold better for mashed potatoes?

Yukon Golds are the best mashed potatoes in the market, despite being higher priced than Russets. mashed, whether in an individual meal or as part of a meal, they are remarkably creamy and have a mild tally buttery flavor all on their own.

Are Yukon Gold potatoes the same as butter potatoes?

Because they have a slightly higher sugar content, gold potatoes do not store as well as white potatoes, and for this reason, they are only found in-stores in-season. All the gold fleshed potatos are called butter potatoes because they are all buttery in texture with a butter color. A Yukon Gold, however, will be labelled as such.

Are Yukon Gold potatoes okay to bake?

Yukon Gold potatoes – so named for the yellowish color of their flesh – are known as an "all-purpose potato" because you can do just about anything with them. They're perfectly suited to roasting but on the small side for serving as a classic baked potato.

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