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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can issue an active warrant in Virginia?

Virginia Warrant Search – Outstanding & Active Warrants in VA. According to this law, active warrants can be issued by the magistrate of any circuit court, general district court, juvenile or domestic relations tribunal and by the clerk of courts who handle the administrative services of these judicial bodies.

When are search warrants needed in Texas?

Search warrants are also needed when the sheriff's deputies need to enter a third party premises to arrest a person who has a felony warrant to his name.

Who has the power to issue an arrest warrant?

The statute also clarifies that while multiple judicial officers hold the powers to issue arrest warrants, these legal processes can only be released on the basis of a complaint filed in court by a law enforcement agent.

Where can I find information on outstanding warrants?

However, if you are looking for information on outstanding warrants issued in cases that are still in the investigative or the trial stage, this cannot be accessed by civilian applicants interested in a warrant search. Yet, a most wanted list is furnished on the website of the State Police as well as several sheriffs' departments.

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