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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pigs are in the Berkshire feeder pigs?

Both purebred and 75% cross Berkshire feeder pigs available year-round. Antibiotic free, raised in freedom crates. Buyer is responsible for long distance transportation. Purebred American Guinea Hogs.

Is there a butcher ready hog for sale in Ohio?

BUTCHER READY HOG FOR SALE- SCHEDULED FOR SLAUGHTER We have one butcher ready hog for sale. It’s scheduled to be slaughtered July 20 and will be ready to pick up from butcher 2 weeks after that date in Marshallville, Ohio. $600 plus processing fees. ...

Are anypure Berkshire piglets available?

PURE BERKSHIRE PIGLETS AVAILABLE We currently have extra piglets avail ready to go. Have non related and ready to grow out for freezer. Pure Berkshire avail and soon we will have pure mangalista and litter of crosses avail but will m... Tel: 6017648858 | 39338 | MS | 08/15/2021 | More Information

Are there any feeder pigs for sale in Minnesota?

FOR SALE: BERKSHIRE FEEDER PIGS . HERON LAKE, MN We have 15 purebred Berkshire feeder pigs for sale, sired by national winning boars. Fully vaccinated including PRRS. $150/each Please arrange for your own pick up. Our farm located in Heron Lake... Tel: 6179993927 | 56137 | MN | 05/29/2021 | More Information

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