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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Yorkie terriers shed a lot?

Yes, they still do. They shed dander in their hair, which is less than a dog with fur (since yorkies' coat are made of hair instead of coat). This means less stuff to sneeze and wheeze at.

Where can you rescue a Yorkie Poo puppy?

A Yorkie poo puppy can rescued from a local animal shelter or from a rescue group. Some rescue groups, such as the Yorkie and Small Dog Rescue group, save abandoned Yorkie and other kinds of small dogs.

Are Yorkies Nice dogs?

Yorkies do make good pets but they are not for everyone. A Yorkie is a good pet for you if you want a small dog that you can carry around and does not take up a lot of space. You may also want a Yorkie for a pet if you want a lively, playful companion that doesn’t need to be exercised a lot.

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