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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tax map number?

The Map (or Sheet) Tax maps are usually broken down into 3 numbers such as "XXXXX-YY-ZZ". The "X" represents the "Sheet" or "Map" number. This is the number that shows several properties on one map.

What is a tax map?

A tax map is a special purpose map, accurately drawn to scale showing all the real property parcels within a city, town or village. These maps are used to locate parcels and obtain other information required in assessment work. As changes take place in ownership, size, or shape of the parcels, the tax map system must be updated.

What is property tax in New York?

New York Property Taxes. New York has no tax on personal property such as vehicles and jewelry, but there are property taxes on real estate. These taxes are actually paid to local governments such as counties, cities and school districts. The state does not take a cut of these revenues.

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