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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Register of deeds?

DEFINITION of 'Register of Deeds'. A register of deeds is a record of real estate deeds or other land titles that is maintained by a local government official. The register of deeds will be used in conjunction with a grantor-grantee index that lists the owner of record and any transfers of property.

What is a deed record?

Deeds are common property records. A deed is simply the record of a sale or conveyance of land, with or without improvements, from one person or entity to another person or entity. When the transaction is complete, the deed is taken to the records office, where it is filed and recorded as a public record.

What is a deed search?

With the proper knowledge, it is possible to conduct your own deed search. Deeds are the written record of the transfer of an interest in real property and typically are used to transfer ownership rights.

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