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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is YISD called the district?

It is because of employees like Joe Flores that YISD is "THE DISTRICT." View more Service Excellence Kudos. Kudos to Coach Duran at REL Washington Elementary School!

Why choose YISD security?

Special thanks to all YISD Security Officers for their continuous efforts in keeping all of our YISD community safe and secure. Their countless hours of dedication to our district goes unrecognized and taken for granted far too often. There's a reason why this department has been recognized as the top school district security in all of Texas.

Why choose YISD wellness clinic?

We are truly blessed to have such a great staff in the YISD Wellness Clinic. Our family depends on them so much and they have diagnosed all our medical needs perfectly. From all our HEART, Thank You!

What's it like working at YISD purchasing department?

Kudos to YISD Purchasing Dept.! The ENTIRE purchasing department is AMAZING! The work load that these incredible people process alone is mind blowing, but add the fact that they always have a POSITIVE and HELPFUL attitude is to be commended! Purchasing Department is what THE DISTRICT is all about! View more Kudos.

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