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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use the “find us on Yelp” logo?

For example, use the “Find Us On Yelp” logo in places such as your marketing collateral, website, storefront window, or company car or truck. Please don’t alter or distort the “Find Us On Yelp” logo except to change its sizing while preserving the original proportions.

What is Yelp’s brand mark?

The Yelp brand mark is made up of our name and a shape that we lovingly call the “burst”. The Yelp “burst” is an homage to the symbol that pops up over the head of a cartoon character during a moment of discovery.

How do I contact Yelp for media related inquiries?

For media related inquiries, please contact: [email protected] If you use any of the Yelp logos, icons, badges or buttons approved for use under these Brand Guidelines (“Yelp Creative Assets”), you agree that you will do so in compliance with the terms and conditions indicated on this page.

Can I use the Yelp favicon on my website?

Use the Yelp “favicon” as a footer to your digital assets as a quick shortcut to direct customers to your listing on Yelp (website, emails, etc.). Do not use Yelp's iconic star imagery to reference your average rating on Yelp, except in the form of our dynamic online “reviews” feature.

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