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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Red Sox better team than the Yankees?

Beating the worst teams in baseball has become climbing Kilimanjaro for these 2021 Boston Red Sox ... bragged that the Sox spent “more days in first place than any other team.” Those Sox wound up 82-79, 13½ games behind the Yankees and missed the ...

Are the Red Sox more famous than the Yankees?

Red Sox fans are born and bred to consider the Yankees the enemy: For too many years, the Yankees rode high while the Red Sox rose and fell (mostly fell) in their quest for a World Series ring.

Did the Red Sox beat the Yankees?

The Red Sox beat the Yankees, 6-2, in the AL Wild Card Game to advance to the American League Division Series against the Rays. © Jim Davis/Globe Staff Alex Verdugo celebrates his sixth-inning RBI...

Can the Yankees actually catch the Red Sox?

The Yankees can still catch the Red Sox in the AL East The Yankees can still catch the Red Sox in the AL East Liz Roscher August 27, 2018, 8:40 AM It feels weird to talk about the New York Yankees...

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