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Frequently Asked Questions

Is XLN a business broadband provider?

No! In there own Terms and condition under broadband activation, where most providers give you some sort of discount if it not live within a few days, XLN boldly proclaims in can take up to 14 days but “TIME IS NOT OF THE ESSENCE”. A business broadband provider, writing that!!

What happened to XLN Telecom?

We have been XLN Telecom customer since October 2015. We have had alread money taken from our Debit account ( £99.0 + Vat ) on November 2015. without informing us. The money was refunded before the court proceeding against XLN Telecom.

Is XLN a money grabber?

As many have said on here XLN are money grabbers , very dodgy practices. Just checked my billing with XLN and I have 12 months bills, so how can they say I have cancelled early????? ”

How do I choose the best business broadband service?

Buying broadband services is more complex than simply choosing the fastest speed. Business broadband services also mean data management, backup and recovery, and of course email. Look closely at any services on your shortlist and ensure that they are not consumer grade, and are built with business users in mind.

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