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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR)?

Official website. Wisconsin Public Radio is a network of 34 public radio stations in the state of Wisconsin. WPR's network is divided into two distinct analog services, the Ideas Network and the NPR News and Classical Network, as well as the "HD2 Classical Service," a digital-only, full-time classical music service.

What is the Ideas Network?

The flagship station of the Ideas Network is WHA 970 AM in Madison, one of the oldest existing radio stations in the world. All Ideas Network stations broadcast in analog monaural sound to provide those signals the largest coverage areas possible, while the HD Radio and Internet streaming feeds broadcast in stereo.

What is WPR politics?

"WPR Politics" is a weekly podcast about the ins and outs of Wisconsin's political news. Host John K. Wilson and WPR reporters clue listeners into stories they may have missed and tell them what's actually interesting about stories they've already...

Where are the WPR stations located?

The network's headquarters are located on the Madison campus where the majority of programs are produced. Some of WPR's regional studios produce local programming. Not all UW-owned stations are part of Wisconsin Public Radio's network; some are student-run, and others, like WUWM, are part of the UW-system, but not part of WPR.

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