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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I listen to WPR online?

You can visit them directly or use them through some Smart Speakers (Alexa) and even through some Internet Radios (Sonos) iTunes not only manages your online music, but can also connect to online radio stations such as WPR's three online streams. In iTunes, select Library, then Internet Radio.

What is WPR politics?

"WPR Politics" is a weekly podcast about the ins and outs of Wisconsin's political news. Host John K. Wilson and WPR reporters clue listeners into stories they may have missed and tell them what's actually interesting about stories they've already...

How do I listen to WPR's All Classical Network on iTunes?

You will get a list of hundreds of online radio stations including (under the News/Talk Radio section) Wisconsin Public Radio News & Classical, and WPR's Ideas Network. At this time, in order to successfully listen to WPR's All Classical Network, you'll need to create a direct station link. In the iTunes main menu, click File, then Open Stream.

How do I listen to Wisconsin Public Radio Online?

Wisconsin Public Radio has been providing live online streaming for over a decade. We currently offer secure live streams for our three networks in MP3 format. Links to these streams are located in the Listen Live section near the top of the right column on almost every web page.

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