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Frequently Asked Questions

What is World Photography Day?

World Photography Day is celebrated annually on August 19. It is an internationally recognized day for photographers "to share their world with the world" through a single photo.

When is National Photography Day 2021?

August 19, 2021 Celebrating Happy World Photography Day World Photography Day is celebrated every August 19 of the year. This holiday is also known as the World Photo Day or National Photography Day. It is all about celebrating the art and science of photography.

What is wwworld photo day?

World Photo Day is the only day out of 365 days that we, as part of a worldwide photography community, get to take over the international conversation for 24 hours. And all we talk about is photography!

What is the 19th August in photography?

World Photography Day Today, August 19th, the photography society celebrates the World Photography Day. It's an unofficial holiday for all picture lovers. No matter who you are, a wedding photographer, a professional editor or a digital artist, if your passion is a photo, this day is yours.

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