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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we celebrate World Photography Day on 19 August?

It not only captures the images but also the memories, expressions, ideas and the moment in which one lives. Every year 19 August is observed as World Photography Day to celebrate the history, art, craft and science of photography.

What is 2021 World Photography Day?

2021 World Photography Day: The first known permanent photograph of any object was taken in 1826. As the world goes through a perpetual flux, many moments get captured in our cameras and stay evergreen. World Photography Day, which is observed on August 19 every year, is a day to celebrate the magic of cameras and photography.

What to do on world photo day?

Celebrations of World Photo Day in Different Countries. Since 2010, many events dedicated to world photography day are held around the world. Their main goal is to unite and motivate people to share experiences, create something new and look for original photo themes.

What is the 19th August in photography?

World Photography Day Today, August 19th, the photography society celebrates the World Photography Day. It's an unofficial holiday for all picture lovers. No matter who you are, a wedding photographer, a professional editor or a digital artist, if your passion is a photo, this day is yours.

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