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Frequently Asked Questions

How popular is WorldNetDaily?

Serving up a daily dose of conspiracy theories, apocalyptic alerts and anti-gay rhetoric, WND was ranked by Alexa in 2012 as the 1,832nd most popular website in the world and the 423rd in the U.S. That ranks just above Nickelodeon and a few spots below Victoria’s Secret. Fear-mongering is WorldNetDaily's specialty.

Who is the founder of WorldNetDaily?

WorldNetDaily. The site was founded in May 1997 by Joseph Farah, who is its current editor-in-chief and CEO. The website publishes news, editorials, and opinion columns, while also aggregating content from other publications.

What is the abbreviation for WorldNetDaily?

Type of site. WorldNetDaily (WND) is an American news and opinion website and online news aggregator which has been described as "fringe" and far right as well as politically conservative. The website is known for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories.

Is WorldNetDaily a for-profit or nonprofit?

A nonprofit entity whose purpose was “to encourage more philosophical diversity in the news media,” WCJ spawned WorldNetDaily in 1997. Two years later, WND became an independent for-profit company with $4.5 million from an unnamed investor. Not surprisingly, WND’s board members are politically active in a variety of right-wing causes.

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