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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of swimsuits for women?

Women Swimsuits Types. Monokini is a one piece swimsuit; however it resembles a bikini swimsuit whose top and bottom are connected with a border of fabric. Two-piece swimsuits consist of bra and swimming trunks. There are four types of two-piece swimsuits: bikini, bandeau, halter and tankini. Bikini- is a swimsuit which has thin shoulder-straps.

How to choose women's swimsuit?

Steps Download Article Find a style that fits you well. Nothing will flatter you if you feel uncomfortable or the swimsuit sags on you and fails to make the most of your ... Look for styles made for curvier figures. For example, the 50s style one-piece swimsuits were made to accentuate and celebrate curves and are very flattering. Shop for your body type. ... More items...

What is a tankinis swimsuit?

Tankini is a two piece swimsuit looking like between a bikini and a basic one piece. In tankini swimsuits the length of the top shows a little, a lot or no skin. More exactly, tankini swimsuits are swimsuits with tank top combined with a bikini bottom. Tankinis are getting very popular at present days.

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