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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shoes for wide toe boxes?

If you want an athletic shoe, New Balance offers a variety of wide toe box shoes with a narrow heel, and they are built on SL2 last. It is easier to size up closed shoes such as Oxford. Lace-up shoes are also a good option because they prevent your foot feet from sliding around. Keen shoes with Superfeet orthotics also offer a wide toe box.

What are the benefits of wide toe boxes for women?

Ladies' shoes with wide toe boxes can help women who suffer from swollen feet, hammertoes, bunions and other problems by providing extra space. These shoes with extra space for the toes can also help head off and prevent foot and toe problems.

Do New Balance shoes have wide toe boxes?

New Balance designs both walking and running shoes. The SL-2 from New Balance comes with a broad toe box, narrow heel, and wide forefront. These shoes below are options you should consider if you need comfortable women’s shoes with the wide toe box and narrow heel.

Are wide toe box shoes good for bunion-ridden feet?

Browsing the "Wide Toe Box Shoes" Category Wide toe box shoes are a godsend for bunion-ridden feet or feet that need extra room due to neuropathy, even hammertoes. The extra room at the forefoot allows toes to spread out naturally.

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