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Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening to women and girls in Afghanistan?

Women and girls in Afghanistan are 'petrified.' This is what women's rights organizations are doing about it. Since the Taliban was ousted in 2001, activists have been fighting for women’s educational, reproductive and political rights in the country. Now they fear the progress they made will vanish.

What are the rights of women in Afghanistan?

The UN must maintain a strong role in promoting and protecting the rights of women across Afghanistan, and continue to support the Afghan Government to implement its National Action Plan for women, peace and security. Ensuring accountability and equal access to justice for all are essential to long-term peace and stability.

What is the history of women in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan had a relatively progressive attitude towards women and equality before the Soviet invasion and the subsequent emergence of the Taliban. Afghan women were first given the vote in 1919 – only a year after women in Britain – and the country's first constitution in 1923 guaranteed equal rights for both men and women.

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